From basics to the top, in matters of transport between Occident and Orient

NUN Overlands’ latest history actually began with the purchase and acquisition of the Logwin Road + Rail Leibnitz GmbH, as well as its investment in Nunner Lojistik Ltd., Istanbul. A trendsetting structure was created for our clients, partners and employees with successful impact to the economical development of the company.
NUN Overland was able to strenghten its position as reliable and efficient partner in the transport business.

The most significant milestones of our company:

Foundation of Alois Nunner Speditions GmbH by Alois Nunner Sr. in Leibnitz, Southern Styria.
The company starts with local transports. Over the decades, it became a freight forwarding partner that links continents, focussing on long-distance transport, especially between Europe and the East.

Alois Nunner Speditions GmbH was sold and renamed to Nunner GmbH Leibnitz.
The focus of the company remained unchanged.

NUN Overland, Geschichte, LKW

Company was acquired by Microlog Logistics AG, Lorsch.

Contribution of Microlog Logistics AG in Thiel Logistik AG.

The company is renamed from Nunner GmbH Leibnitz to Logwin Road + Rail Leibnitz within the Thiel Logistik AG’s rebranding process.

Foundation of NUN Overland GmbH, by acquisition of Logwin Road + Rail Leibnitz GmbH with its activities and investement in Nunner Lojistik Ltd. in Istanbul.

Merging of Nunner Lojistik Ltd. Istanbul with JCL Logistic Ltd. Istanbul. The name of this new legal entity is JCL Overland Ltd. Istanbul.

NUN Overland acquires FTT Fährtrans GmbH with 150 semi-trailers, thereby taking one more step in strengthening its competence in the field of truck transport.

Nun Overland Austria takes over all shares of JCL Overland Istanbul held by JCL-Group. As of October 2014 Nun Overland Austria is exclusive and sole owner of former JCL Overland Istanbul, meanwhile renamed in Nun Overland Istanbul. With this engagement having its 100 percent own branch in Istanbul Nun Overland Austria strengthened its strategic position as a specialized service provider for Turkey. Again Nun Overland Austria could point out their philosophy “strong2gether”!

Nun Overland Austria moves to a new office-facility
In Autumn 2014 Nun Overland Austria moved to their new place within Leibnitz, a city in the very south of Austria where the roots of the company can be followed back to the mid fifties. All activities and strategic decisions for the worldwide operations of Nun Overland are centralized and organized in this new place.

A latest fashioned Logistics terminal was constructed within 6 months and operations started within the same year. The setup of a high professional customs-brokerage was a consequence to this step.