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The first choice for shipments between Central Europe and Turkey

At NUN Overland in Leibnitz (Austria) and NUN Overland Lojistik Istanbul (Turkey), over 40 employees ensure that goods arrive from the loading point to the destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, day in day out. The teams at both ends certainly have one thing in common: extensive experience in an often tricky field, team spirit and the daily motivation to achieve projects as planned. These characteristics have made NUN Overland one of the leading Turkey specialists in the field of transport and logistics. Our staff’s competence enables us to provide optimum transport solutions with cost efficiency and full reliability. Advantages that our customers have recognised and appreciated for many years, honoured by their orders thanks to their confidence in our work.

Being the specialist for Turkey shipments does not mean focussing solely on logistical assignments relating exclusively to Turkey. NUN Overland is a competent partner for all shipments between Central Europe and the East. Thanks to the Istanbul hub and our partner network, we are well placed to serve a variety of business metropols. Our teams at both ends – Leibnitz (Austria) and Istanbul (Turkey) – had the unique opportunity to develop even further with the growth of the Turkish market. This positive experience generates motivation and enthusiasm, both in our team as well as among our long-standing customers. It also enables us to describe ourselves with pride as the Turkey specialist for logistic and transport issues.

Decades of experience

Over the last few decades, NUN Overland has grown parallel and together with Turkey’s rapid economical development. Our employees understand and respect the different cultures and ensure daily an optimum transport and logistics based on their knowledge and responsibility.

We select the best route

Given our options of trucks, rail and ship, we are able to offer the best transport solution for each and every challenge. Additionally our warehouses in Central Europe and Turkey are the ideal service supplements.

Optimum cost efficiency

The extensive experience of our strong team in Austria and Istanbul as well as state-of-the-art logistics software systems ensure optimum cost efficiency. For the benefit of our customers.

Open to challenges

Comprehensive options in transport (truck, rail, ship) and our daily Central Europe-Turkey connections enable us to provide optimum individual solutions.

Track & Trace

Our Track & Trace system not only offers customers interesting tracking information; it also supplies online reports, statistics, delivery documents and much more.

The best team

Our employees have worked in the freight forwarding business for many years – most of them within our company. They know the opportunities and possible problems of each transport-solution and consequently process every order with the utmost attention.

Karte, Exporte, Importe

Why are we proud to call ourselves the Turkey specialist?

We are of course not the only company to organize transports between Europe-Turkey. But thanks to our structures in Istanbul and Leibnitz and our partner-network, set up over the decades, and long-standing and dedicated employees, we are able to offer the sort of service quality that makes us one of the leading providers in the market proven by longlasting customer-relations.

Jochen Neukirchner, managing partner, NUN Overland

Bazar Istanbul, Handel Türkei


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