Despite recent cutthroat competition, the truck is still an indispensible offer which underlines our flexibility and rounds up our solutions-portfolio. In this filed, NUN Overland for many years has worked closely with reliable partners from the Balkans, with comprehensive experience in long-distance transports.
Private equipment from Fährtrans Transport GmbH (a 100% subsidiary of NUN Overland) is used for the ferry link between Triest and Istanbul, thus strengthening and underlining our competence. We operate full loads as well as groupage loads and are pleased to offer on demand additional services in customs clearance, temporary storage and reloading.



Rail transports between Turkey and Central Europe are without doubt some of our company’s core competences. With rail-connections between our warehouses in Istanbul, Györszemere and Sopron, we are able to manage and conduct wagon-shipments in a best possible way. All these warehouses offering comprehensive services such as loading and reloading, temporary storage, customs clearance and packaging. Transit times with combined rail/truck transports are, however, considerably longer than ordinary truck transport, but the freight advantage for a lot of destinations is considerable and consequently reason enough for many clients to choose this option.
Time to time the poor rail-track-infrastructure in Turkey and Bulgaria can be a drawback, but we are organized very well thanks to our various additional alternative options.



Container shipments have gained particular significance over the last few years, particularly for bulk goods. NUN Overland recognised this trend early and manages these commodity flows exclusively via port of Koper.
Via this gateway, we now serve a wide customer-portfolio. Our tried-and-tested partner warehouses are used for some of these shipments for reloading and temporary storage.
In comparison to the truck, ship transport with pre- and on-carriage of containers leading to significant longer transit times. However, the quantities that can be processed in ship transport by container would be difficult to achieve by truck.
Similar to railtransport, transport by vessel is considerably cheaper compared to truck for many destinations and again a reason for customers to decide to go for this option.