For the success of our customers.

NUN Overland is a competent partner for shipments between Europe and Orient. Founded in 1955, the company is proud to look back on a very long history. What started as a transport compamy soon became a highly experienced logistics unit linking the two worlds. With the three experienced Shareholders and Managing Directors Kurt Stessl, Hannes Reiterer and Jochen Neukirchner, NUN Overland knows about the requirements that may occur on transport routes. Over decades they have created structures that guarantee safe, fast, and above all, economical transports.
By land, air or sea. With reliable employees and a network consisting of many strong partners.



The strong link Leibnitz/Istanbul

With over 40 employees at both ends, NUN Overland is able to offer state-of-the-art logistics solutions. Both, for daily business and for any kind of special demands on spot basis. The tailormade modern logistics software of the company and their highly experienced employees make NUN Overland the ultimate specialist in all questions of transport between Occident and Orient.


Team Österreich


Reliable partner. Since 1955.

NUN Overland has a very long and emotional history. In the early 1950s, Alois Nunner Sr. founded Alois Nunner Spedition GmbH in Leibnitz. The company developed constantly over the years, adapting to the market. Today, NUN Overland GmbH is one of the market leaders when it comes to optimum transport links between Occident and Orient.



Alois Nunner Speditions GmbH is established in the heart of Leibnitz. The company grows fast and soon long-distance transports became one of its core business.


In autumn 2014, NUN Overland moves into its new Austrian headquarter in Leibnitz, offering a wonderful view of the nearby vineyards and top working conditions.


Our new headquarter in Austria

The new place of the NUN Overland headquarter is as unique as the company itself. The address “Blauer Josef” (Blue Joseph) refers to the centuries-old statue at the companys’ entrance, a historical monument of the region.


Blauer Josef, Kogelberg
Blauer Josef, Kogelberg


Platform for worldwide transports

With its strategic location in Istanbul, NUN Overland operates a Hub which is a must to fulfill the supply chain. Not less than 20 freight forwarding experts ensure the best connections all over the world.