AISOE informations for Turkey roadtransports

Obligation of preliminary electronic information on goods shipments from 15 February 2015.

The Association of International Road Transport companies in Austria(AISÖ) was informed by the IRU about the fact that since 15 February 2015, all shipments (using TIR Carnet Common Transit Procedure) which are brought into the customs territory of Turkey, must be registered in advance. This applies to shipments transported on the road.

The information about the entry must be submitted to the respective customs office by the transport company no later than one hour before the arrival of the goods. If a transport is carried out under the TIR procedure, the use of “TIR-EPD” is mandatory.

The IRU program can be found at Once a company is registered, it can for free send TIR Carnet data via the IRU program to the respective customs office in Turkey.

In case of delayed or missing data transmission, it is up to the Turkish customs authorities to issue penalties. Registration for the TIR-EPD can be made with the AISÖ .